the first 24 hours are complete…

Posted: June 11, 2011 in Hunger Strike Participants' Blog

The death march of the Armenian population of the Ottoman Empire took place against the backdrop of the hostilities of World War I. In the spring of 1915 Ottoman rulers ordered that all Armenians be expelled from their homes in areas outside of war zones. The Armenians—men, women, and children—were then lined up and made to walk in convoys of tens of thousands toward the Syrian desert. Although the expulsions resembled deportations, the treatment of the people making the march by Turkish “guards” made it clear that a more sinister agenda was driving the march: a planned elimination of the Armenian population through a process of starvation and exhaustion. The death march was a culmination of decades of Turkish discrimination against Armenians, which had long consisted of the barring of Armenians from serving in the Turkish army, executions of small groups of Armenians, and mass killings by special forces.

During the march many Armenians were killed indiscriminately by Ottoman forces, which left a trail of corpses along the route of the march. To break the will of the marchers, the killings were performed with swords, resulting in great bloodshed. Marchers who survived these attacks faced starvation, as no provisions for food were made; many elderly and infirm marchers died in this way during the march. The significantly reduced numbers of marchers who finally made it to the Syrian desert were put into concentration camps located between the towns of Jerablus and Der-Zor, and then released into the scorching desert with no food or water, to certain death.

Our hunger strike is in memory of all those who perished in the Armenian Genocide. It is to honour and pay tribute to our forefathers who were forced to starve to their deaths. It is our symbolic way of showing the world that the Armenian youth will continue their struggle for justice, until justice is finally served.

96 years ago, the Ottoman Empire tried to erase the Armenian people from the face of the earth. Did they ever imagine that three generations down the road, we would still be fighting for our rights – stronger than ever? We have not forgotten what our grandfathers and great-grandfathers went through, and never will.

The first 24 hours of the hunger strike are complete. It has been difficult at times, however, our spirits are high and our determination is strong…




  1. Serge G says:

    Good Job Guys !!!

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