28 hours in…

Posted: June 12, 2011 in Hunger Strike Participants' Blog, Uncategorized

It is now 10:00pm on Saturday night, as we enter the 28th hour of the hunger strike. The group of Turks across the street have long left, but a small group walking by the protest has been the highlight of the last 20 minutes. The group of young men included a Turkish youth who was curious to hear about the Armenian Genocide, as he insisted that the Turks had never committed such an act. A very interesting conversation ensued…He stood amazed as we educated him about the history of the Ottoman Empire. Our group seemed to know more about his people’s history than he did. The young man, who had recently moved to Canada from Turkey left with a completely different view of history, than the one he had come to know growing up in Turkey. Unger Harout Manougian, chair of the Armenian Youth Federation of Canada even graciously gave him his personal copy of “A Shameful Act” by Turkish scholar Taner Akcam, so that the young man could hear a Turkish scholar’s perspective of the Armenian Genocide.

We are certain that as more and more Turks come to know and understand the true history of the Armenian Genocide, the walls of injustice will come down from within Turkey.

  1. Rupen says:

    Bravo Dghak!

  2. Nareg R. says:

    Guys this is amazing! Can’t imagine how tough it must be!
    All the support and best of luck from Montreal!
    P.S.: I love the blogs

  3. Nadia T says:

    Todays blog highlights how, as more and more Turks leave Turkey to emigrate or to receive post secondary education in other countries, they will eventually become aware of the unrevised version of history they are not obviously taught at home. Kudos to you all for your incredible effort in spreading the word. An Arab spring in Turkey is very possible and the winds of change are stirring.

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