52 hours in…Candle Light Vigil

Posted: June 13, 2011 in Hunger Strike Participants' Blog

We entered the 52nd hour as the candle light vigil began at 9pm. Setting up at the intersection of Lower Spadina, and Queens Quay, over 80 people were present at the vigil. Nairi Saraphanian, one of the inividuals participating in the hunger strike, was the MC of the event, and Garni Tatikian, who is also participating in the hunger strike, spoke on behalf of the hunger strikers. Ishkhan Etyemezian read a quote from Armenian Genocide Survivor Rahan Kachian. Daniel Ohanian, of the Armen Karo Student Association, recited a poem, and Daron Mardirossian and Saro Wanes played the doudoug. The candle light vigil was truely a solemn atmosphere, right by the water, but was disturbed continuously by the group of Turks and Azeri’s who chanted from accross the street. Their presence was embaressing for themselves as the people passing by, including the police there to control the situation, were disgusted by their attempt to disturb the speeches, poems, music and prayers.

It was definitely a frustrating situation. Being protested against during a candle light vigil really hit the nerves of all participants. However, the Armenians kept their calm and carried out a very successful event.

  1. B says:

    I passed by your protest this morning on the way to work. Your dedication is admirable. When do you officially finish the 72 hours?

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