65 Hours in

Posted: June 13, 2011 in Hunger Strike Participants' Blog

It’s nearing the last stretch of the hunger strike, but everyone seems to be feeling better than ever. This morning, we relocated to directly infront of the Turkish Consulate, where we held the Candle light vigil last night, and have set up for the protest today at 2pm. The sky is clear, and the sun is piercing after a cloudy weekend. We are expecting the group of Turks and Azeri’s to be present today in large numbers, but if they are to continue as they have for the last 3 days, they will only humiliate themselves further. We would like to ask all those who can make it out to be here and scream and shout in unity, to be the voice to the newly elected government of Turkey, making it clear that Turkey has a long way to go in recognizing its past, and changing its policies, before it can move forward towards becoming a modern nation. We will remind Turkey that although they may work to silence their citizens through Article 301 of their penal code, nothing can silence our voices. We do not have a vote in Turkey, but the waves we create from the Diaspora have begun to hit the shores of Turkey. More and more, citizens of Turkey are becoming aware of this dark past, and seeing that the government of today remains an accomplice of the ottoman empire. Today, we send another wave, and remind the Turkish Government, that we will continue, until their wall of denial crumbles, and they are brought to justice.


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